sdfMy baby is now 2 years old. The terrible twos, as they say. I find myself wondering if it is too early to potty train my kid. I love my son, but I am exhausted from being a single parent and working full time, and to be honest, changing diapers is just disgusting, nasty, and has gotten very old. I do it when I have to; I will never leave my child dirty, uncomfortable, or at risk of bad health, so do not think for a minute I ever hesitate to change a diaper.

I just don’t like it anymore. I never really did, but who does? The first year it didn’t bother me. There was no chance of doing anything else. But something clicked in me as my kid turned 18 months old. I thought, he’s halfway to the age of 3 which is when my pediatrician recommends I start toilet training. So, I started wondering if it was too early to potty train my kid. He’s always so compliant and a good kid, maybe he was ready?

I turned online for answers, but I’m not sure I found them. Sure, there’s websites touting that’s how they do things in Europe, and how toddlers are more behaved and obedient than 3 year olds, and even how I can save the environment from excess diapers, but I’m not sure any of these sites were actually objective.

My pediatrician convinced me otherwise, suggesting that early training can actually create problems. These range from bedwetting to urinary tract infections. Kids taught to hold their pee and poop wind up doing so, perhaps for too long. Being told to hold one hour and then go the next can actually confuse them. He recommends I wait another six months, so I am.