potty-training-153278_640Every parent must have gone through this difficult but necessary process of potty training their kids. This process can be very time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes exhausting too. We never expect our kids to give us such a hard time to learn a simple and easy process. However it is not a simple and easy process for the kids. For them, it is a very complicated process and it takes a lot of concentration and efforts on their part so that they can be completely potty trained. So it is important to show patience and be gentle while you are trying to potty train them.
Potty training tips for the first time parents!baby-1300498_640
• You have to remember that the process of potty training is different for every kid and therefore the time they take will also differ. So don’t compare your kid with any other child.
• Make sure that your child is able to tell you or at least recognize by himself when he or she needs to potty. This is the most important thing as unless they know that they need to potty, you cannot start training them to use the washroom.
• Make sure that your kids are able to remove their clothes and put them back again without your help. This is necessary because they should be able to do it fast when they need to use a washroom.
• Once your child is able to do the above-mentioned things, you can start potty training slowly. Using different potty training products like portable potty seats can be very helpful for the kids. You can purchase these seats in attractive colors and designs so that your kid is interested in using that potty seat.
• Keep the potty seat in an easily accessible place, preferably in the room where your child spends most of his time, such as his play room.
• Start the process by making him sit on the potty seat at thesame time every day. You can start with mornings and increase the number of potty visits at regular intervals.
• You can let them sit fully clothed on the potty seat and then encourage them to remove their clothes and sit on the potty seat.
toilet-30328_640If you are potty training your boy, then make sure that you make him sit and urinate while you are training him. This will help you when you are training him for his bowel movement.
• Carry the portable potty seat everywhere you go for some time so that your child can have a familiar seat if he has to go potty. You can train them to use public restroomsonce they are potty trained.
• Patience is the most important thing while you are trying to potty train your kids. If you get frustrated or raise your voice or scold them, then it will take more time to train them.
• Don’t forget to reward them when they complete one set of instructions in the training process. The rewards encourage them to do better next time.

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